Jumpin into Jade

The crazy thing about nail polish is that it can make you feel hip and happening or boring and irrelevant, the moment it dries on your finger nails.  This is the difference between wearing something called Jade Jump and Poppy Red.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour of fire engine trucks as much as the next girl.   But there’s something about the colour green, especially Jade,  that makes my heart sing.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Watch any episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and you’re going to see Jade nail polish pop up all over the place.  The fact is, Jade is a now colour, a symbol of being present and taking risks. That’s right — wearing Jade doesn’t necessarily pull the whole outfit together.  But it will make a statement that says, I’m here, I don’t match and I don’t care. Liberating, isn’t it?

The fashion industry could learn a thing or two from the world of nail polish.

Somewhere along the evolution of fashion, exhilarating colour palettes took a back seat to affordable, lackluster apparel.  I really miss vintage floral patterns. And vintage style draping. And vintage style colour blocking. Basically, anything vintage.  Like my favourite shade of Jade, I feel that the prints and styles from yesteryear made you feel classy and original.  The 50s in particular were all about that. How I wish I could just wear something with a collar as big as a boa constrictor and saunter out the door to pick up a can of beans. Instead, my tops are 50 shades of putrid, my collars look tired and twisty and everyone in the mall is wearing the same old, mass-produced piece of clothing.  The originality has fizzled out like an old bottle of ginger ale. We need to bring beautiful colours and originality back to the Canadian shopping experience!

This entire tirade about the importance of colour is something I will need to think about carefully as I create my first textile design.  There are reams of data out there that talks specifically about how colour can change your mood or make you lose weight (Read Pink: The Secret Wall Colour for Dropping Pounds and Losing Weight – hey, if Kendall Jenner subscribes to this theory, then it must be true!)  If I had to choose a new colour to paint my walls, then you know I’m going to pick Jade.  This is the colour of healing, and according to JadeMeaning.com  – the colour of wisdom, balance and peace. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by that?

Spring is here, the flowers in bloom and I’m sure I will find plenty of colourful combinations outside. This is the wonderful thing about design and inspiration. Whether it’s from nail polish or a Magnolia tree, you don’t have to go far to be inspired and get the creative juices flowing.

flowers 2