Fabric Sample Pack Received? Check!

It’s here and in plain view, resting on my dining room table.  My Spoonflower Fabric Sample pack, with 50 assorted tiny squares of heaven stapled together in side-by-side sections of ingenuity.

It also came with a few wallpaper samples, but unfortunately for them, they’re going to have to sit in their little sample side pocket until I get motivated enough to flip through them and start dreaming wallpaper designs. Not going to happen.  At least not now.

What is inspiring to me, at first glance, is the way each sample is credited to a specific person, the designer, of that fabric. I love that! To have your imagination stamped on the sample as a way to claim ownership and potentially, sell your design is very clever. This is an incentive I wasn’t counting on but is now part of my bucket list of creative pursuits. In fact, I can actually see the words “Design by Susan Mattine” on my own swatch of butterflies, cockatoos or crazy swirls.  It’s exhilarating and I absolutely cannot wait to get started.

As is customary whenever I want to start a new creative project, I am deluged by a series of questions and concerns that run the risk of sabotaging the entire process. The first one — am I really going to do this? – followed by — what if it looks stupid?  – preceded by – it’ll be fine – just don’t give them your real name – immediately fog my brain.  But just one glance at my little swatches of fabric fantasies and I am lost in the dream of Design Diva happiness.

I do need to come clean about something, though.  I’m a Fashion Design drop-out. That’s right – I actually went to school to become a Fashion Designer but dropped out after 2 months. Designing clothes for “real women” was the goal but it lacked conviction.  And terms like “eco-friendly” and “sustainability” were as foreign as “netflix binging” and “free video streaming” – honestly, who knew? I was young, idealistic and wanted to change the world.  Once I came up with the realization  “why am I changing pleats to darts when people are starving in Africa?” I knew I had to quit. Well, fast forward a couple of decades and guess what? People are still starving in Africa! Absolutely nothing I did after I quit Fashion Design came even remotely close to changing their situation. But now I have a crazy dream that involves creating beautiful designs in a way that is both sustainable and offsets our carbon footprint.  A similar journey, yes, but with a slightly different destination in mind.

The next step?  Create a design of my own. I’m not sure if I’m going to take a photo or sketch something out (oh, who am I kidding, of course it’s going to be a photo!)  It will be unique and fabulous and once I make sure I haven’t broken any copyright laws, I will download it on the Spoonflower website and then order a fabric swatch with my very own design on it!

No time to waste.

The eco-friendly fashion world awaits.


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